august 12, 2014

new york city was extra cloudy and picturesque today

Meryl Streep + The Giver, B-Roll Screencaps

Natural Woman Episode 4: Super Bowl Fun!

favourite musical artists: PALOMA FAITH.

"Once you accept that we’re all imperfect, it’s the most liberating thing in the world. Then you can go around making mistakes and saying the wrong thing and tripping over on the street and all that and not feel worried."

Ev’ry Night at Seven - Jessie Mueller (x)


Florence Welch spotted at the British Summer Time Festival in London, England, 12.07.2014

Favorite Movies: Mamma Mia! (2008)

“Typical, isn’t it? You wait 20 years for a dad and then three come along at once.”

“I always thought moving to New York would mean starting over in theater, because I had great work in Chicago and didn’t want to become a waitress here. I didn’t have the money. I thought I’d get wrapped up in all the wrong things. And now look at what’s happened. It feels like a wonderful accident.”

Big School | Series 2 trailer

I tend to lose myself in the moment. I’m not very good at holding back. I don’t know how to do this without feeling everything. My emotions are the tool I use to perform.


Natural Woman: Backstage at “Beautiful” with Jessie Mueller