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When will somebody save me? I got trouble with my baby… [xx]

"I would stop, I would stop, I would stop fucking talking if I ever heard anybody else say anything worth fucking stopping talking for!"

Plenty || 1985


Jessie Mueller’s Advice for Young Performers

"I mean, Jessie’s just extraordinary. I guess she sounds a little like Carole, but I don’t think she’s really trying to. I think she learned the songs, and then she kinda forgets what she’s heard and does her own thing. But somewhere in her psyche, it’s still in there.” — Steve Sidwell, orchestrator for Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (x)

It’s Dean that’s the bully!

Sarah Postern being lovely in 2x03

Mr. Gunn,

Thanks for being the best PE teacher in the world.

Love, Ryan

P.S. Oooosh!

Don’t worry about the Doctor Dalton thing. Just call me “The Doc”.

I suppose I got Doctor Dalton very wrong. Just so you know, not all of us men are like that. I know….See you at lunch? I look forward to it. AND I PROMISE NOT TO TAKE OFF ALL MY CLOTHES!  — Big School (2.02)